Iced Modus

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Ice + Modus Operandi + Sherry Barrels

To celebrate 5 years of brewing we wanted to do something unique. We went back to where it all began, Modus Operandi, the beer that started the brewery. What could we do to celebrate this milestone and to highlight our suitably Wildly Different way of doing things? The answer resulted in this beer; Iced Modus, a barrel-aged Iced beer, blended, frozen, and aged again in Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels.

Inspired by some of our experiences from the last 5 years; of visiting and tasting the finest aged balsamico vinegar at II Borgo del Balsamico, or the frozen elixir of the Eisbock process we loved at O.E.C in Connecticut. We have created a unique and exciting taste experience. Expect a heady mix of chocolate, sour red berries, balsamic and rich smooth luxury

This isn’t a beer it’s a taste experience. A nod to the first 5 years and a toast to the future!

Packaged in a unique presentation box.

200ml bottle - 13%