Tryanuary Mixed Case

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How about trying something new this year?

What better place to start than here with our entire revised range of cans fresh from our new canning line. We have also included two of our 750ml 'sharing bottles' to enjoy with your friends. Completing the lineup we have our chocolate, caramel stout and our preserved lemon Gose.

Try them all now!

1x Pogo - 4.2% 330ml can
1x Fresh - 4% 330ml can
1x Yokai - 4.5% 330ml can
1x Bibble - 4.2% 330ml can
1x Nebula - 5% 330ml can
1x Millionaire - 4.7% 330ml bottle
1x Sleeping Lemons - 3.6% 330ml bottle
1x Ninkasi - 9% 750ml bottle
1x Squashed Grape - 5% 750ml bottles

*note new branded fresh cans are yet to be released