Rainbow Project Mixed Case 2018

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The final rainbow project lineup featuring our own Rosa Rouge, brewed in collaboration Side Project Brewing from the USA

After five years of collaboration The International Rainbow Project is bidding farewell with a fittingly grand barrel-aged finale produced by an acclaimed lineup of UK & US breweries. Featuring the most complex and boundary pushing beers yet, this final selection offers a truly unmissable selection of transatlantic collaborations ranging from a complex saison brewed in San Diego to an indulgent barley wine brewed alongside Three Floyds.

This year’s lineup

Red: Wild Beer Co x Side Project – Rosa Rouge 5.0%

Yellow: Hawkshead x Modern Times – Yellow 5.3%

Blue: Beavertown – Lapis Lazuli 8.2%

Indigo: Magic Rock x Casita Cervecería – Papillon – 7.5%

Orange: Burning Sky x Three Floyds – Out From The Void 11%

Green: Partizan x New Belgium – Phoenix 5%

Violet: Siren x Sante Adairius – Equilibrium 5.8%