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Crowdfunding Cloudy New England style IPA

This in one of two beers we brewed to celebrate our first crowd-funding campaign on Crowdcube. Taking our ethos on beer production and with a focus on flavour, Cloudy Crowd is inspired by a new beer style emerging from New England - super cloudy, super fruity IPAs. 

The on-trend cloudy IPA inspired by the Vermont style of super juicy, low bitterness fruit bombs coming out of New England. Expect plenty of fruit character and a murky, hazy, chewy appearance. Accentuating the fruitiness we opted for southern hemisphere hops whose tropical character supports the stone fruit character of the Vermont ale yeast (which is murky as sin).

Crowdfunding Spicy Pale Ale

Spicy Crowd is inspired by the incredible spices of Thailand.

Brewed with the flavours found in Thai cuisine, we conceived a Pale Ale brimming with spices to compliment the hop profile of the beer. Galangal, kaffir lime leaves, lemon-grass, birds eye chillies and Szechuan peppercorns all make an appearance. This is a beer to show what we do and why we do it - taking inspiration from one aspect of food and drink from around the world, deconstruct it and reproducing the characters we like into a beer that you’ll love.

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