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The Greek God Chronos is depicted as the personification of time, an old winged man wielding a scythe. Fitting for it’s namesake, this beer was lagered over a month in foudre producing a clean, delicate and rounded lager. As complex as it is refined - the embodiment of how time and gentle ageing can benefit flavour.

At Wild Beer we frequently harness the delicious powers of brettanomyces and Chronos is no exception. Taking a more traditional approach to lagering we decided to embrace the elements and allow the frigid temperatures of the Somerset winter to keep the beer cool. We pitched brettanomyes in foudre; large wooden vessels which allow the brettanomyces to blossom and adds some tannic quality to the beer while leaving it exposed to ambient temperatures. Allowing the forces of nature and power of time to transform this beer into something beautiful. 

Chronos represented the destructive ravages of time, mirroring not just the time spent lagering in founder but also the insatiable hunger of brettanomyces, slowly metabolising it’s way through the body of a beer over time. 

Brettanomyces + Foudre-Aged + Golden Lager

330ml bottle - 5.8%